The IT manager’s guide to overcome ROHO challenges

As the great global remote-working experiment slides into its fifth month (and even longer for some European countries), employees and organizations alike have struggled to adjust to the practical, operational and behavioral changes that is necessary to adapt to the new normal. Many organizations were caught unprepared which resulted in increased levels of stress and often lead to cybersecurity incidents resulting from human error. The report, The Psychology of Human Error, pointed out that “43% of employees have made mistakes that have compromised cybersecurity”. The report further found that “52% of employees make more mistakes when they’re stressed, while 43% are more error-prone when tired”.

However, as everything is starting to settle into the new normal, there are numerous factors that IT professionals, VARs and technology service providers must consider when consulting their clients. It is with this in mind that we have compiled The IT Manager's Guide to Overcome ROHO Challenges.

This Guide is divided into 6 easy-to-read chapters highlighting several important aspects that should be considered such as cybersecurity risks, remote working challenges and compliance, hardware failures, insecure cloud services and more.

The IT Manager's Guide to Overcome ROHO Challenges concludes with some forward-looking next steps emphasizing two crucial points: (1) Human error has the potential to cause considerable damage to your organization’s reputation, bottom line, and future and (2) to ensure effective business continuity planning you must identify the critical resources required for an organization to continue operating during a disruption.