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Disaster management : What actually constitutes a disaster .

Disaster management : What actually constitutes a disaster .


"A disaster is a sudden, calamitous event that seriously disrupts the functioning of a community or society and causes human, material, and economic or environmental losses that exceed the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its own resources. Though often caused by nature, disasters can have human origins." The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Disaster recovery is somewhat of a misnomer, in that the definition is a set of policies and procedures, designed to assist in the recovery of technology infrastructure. Disaster management, on the other hand, is the recovery from a natural or man-made disaster. Typically, disasters affect communities or geographic regions, although in our modern age, disasters can take on different forms. Needless to say, no matter in which geographic region or country one is in, one can be affected by disaster directly or indirectly, and one has to be prepared for it. An important part of disaster preparedness is RA (risk analysis), which is the process of identifying risks and threats.


The future of business continuity management

Business continuity is steadily evolving along with the latest technologies to become more efficient and within the reach of smaller businesses. With the immense pressures exerted by slowing economies and global events businesses have had to put more emphasis on business management, of which business continuity is proving to be vital.

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