Without services no business can function


 Electricity, internet connectivity, IT support , telephony are your services, be they internal or external. Without these nothing would happen in a company. Disruptive event management  needs to cater for alternative scenarios when these services are disrupted.


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Important points to consider in the context of business continuity are:

  • How downtime or slowdown of a service will affect people, assets, buildings and other services
  • Whether there are enough staff members trained to handle unexpected absence or slowdowns
  • Whether services are routinely analyzed and improved
  • Whether safety regulations and procedures have been taken into consideration
  • Whether there are sufficient and updated contingency plans devised for such
  • Whether you have backup service vendors in case one fails

Imperitive to a business thriving is the need for it to provide exceptional service and to accept nothing less from other service providers. Our system keeps a record of all your critical services and relevant information regarding this.