Return to the office post-COVID-19: Streamline Business Continuity & Business Process Automation with Plan4Continuity

In anticipation of returning to the office, to support business and to provide much-needed assurance and confidence to employees, we have launched Plan4Continuity’s Return to work after COVID-19 plan templates to assist you to reopen your workplace smoothly and safely.

This presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase Plan4Continuity’s ability to orchestrate, automate, audit and report on the entire return to the office process. Plan4Continuity’s ACORN (Automation, Communication, Orchestration, Report, Neutralize) approach to driving this process and ensure business continuity completely disrupts the manual process of creating and maintaining business process plans, reporting and communications. Off the back of this, MSPs have the perfect multiple recurring revenue stream to on-sell supporting products. Think Trojan horse with a positive outcome for both technology service providers, businesses, and their entire workforce.

Here’s a quick overview of the Return to work plans offered by Plan4Continuity:

1. COVID-19 Back-to-Work Checklist, Workplace Readiness and Re-Opening

Returning employees to the workplace during and after the COVID-19 pandemic won't be as simple as announcing a reopening or return-to-the-workplace date and carrying on business as usual. There will be many essential considerations to bear in mind. Not only will many workplaces be altered initially, but some changes may also be long term, even beyond the imagined "finish line" of a widely available vaccine or treatment. The COVID-19 Back-to-Work Checklist plan can be executed in anticipation and preparation of reopening your business to employees once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The COVID-19 Back-to-Work Checklist plan presents the ideal opportunity to not only review your own state of affairs pre-return but also to build client loyalty in one of the most unique times in recent history by scheduling a review of each client’s current state using the checklist.

Additionally, the COVID-19 Workplace Readiness and Re-Opening plan explores the measures employers may wish to put in place when re-opening their workplaces including sanitizing the office space; adapting policies where necessary; and most importantly, ensuring appropriate safety practices at your premises.

Although specific guidelines on how to reopen workplaces are still awaited in certain geographies, plans to return to the workplace should now be considered. The COVID-19 Workplace Readiness and Re-Opening plan can facilitate an understanding of the relevant measures and processes necessary for a safe return to the office including communicating public health advice from Government and so ensure that organizations stay up to date. 

2. COVID-19 Back-to-Work Employee Compliance 

The COVID-19 Back-to-Work Employee Compliance plan can be executed as often as required to inform staff, contractors or visitors to your premises what they need to do in order to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. It can be used to communicate the appropriate processes to reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and report on potential COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 was a shock to most people. Utilize the lessons learned to work with your clients now to create business continuity and business process automation plans for the next disruptive event. If you are interested to sign up for Plan4Continuity’s “Return to work after Covid-19 plans”, please sign up here and see how Plan4Continuity can help reduce the business and human impact of the coronavirus and streamline your return to the office process.

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