PLAN4CONTINUITY PLAN OF THE WEEK: Streamline business process automation with workplace readiness and reopening plan

When considering re-opening your workplace, especially in light of the stringent measures enforced by governments globally to help contain the spread of COVID-19, there are many essential considerations to bear in mind. In this continuity plan, we explore the measures employers may wish to put in place when re-opening the workplace. These are: 

1.   Prepare to open and compile your checklist

2.   Mandated COVID-19 pre-screening

3.   Create policy and distribute to users

4.   Notifiy employees to return to work

Although specific guidelines on how to reopen workplaces are unique to certain geographies, you should continually refer to the latest public health advice issued by the Government as the situation evolves. The public health advice is updated regularly, and organizations will need to keep up to date with Government’s advice to ensure they remain compliant. This plan can be further augmented with the COVID-19: Back to Work Employee Compliance plan. 

1.   Prepare to open and compile your checklist         

There are checklists available for each region and it should be noted that this example is only a general compliance list for a business that does not have many/any onsite customers or public interactions. The actions that can be included in the compliance lists and which forms part of the business process automation are amongst others:

  • creating a policy based on specific criteria, 
  • ensuring the availability of PPE and disposable goods, 
  • enforcing workplace distancing and rules, 
  • setting up cleaning stations while monitoring employee traffic flow,
  • ensuring ensure that facilities such as water stations etc. are made safe or that alternatives are put in place,
  • ensuring that signs and warnings clearly visible to be displayed in common and other areas.

2.   Mandated COVID-19 pre-screening        

Plan4Continuity’s COVID-19 Pre-Screening Tool automates business processes such as the daily COVID-19 screening for all workplaces. This includes taking employees’ temperatures and/or conducting other health screening procedures before employees or essential visitors are allowed to enter the workplace. It can further be used to communicate the correct processes to reduce common touchpoints and report on potential COVID-19 cases. 

3.   Create policy and distribute to users        

For this step, you can use and modify the pre-prepared COVID-19: Back to Work Employee Compliance template found in Global Templates in the Plan4Continuity plan repository. This plan can be executed as often as required to inform staff and essential visitors to the workplace what they need to do to avoid getting infected with COVID-19.

4.   Notify employees to return to work          

Finally, once all processes and provisions are in place employees can be notified to return to work. Plan4Continuity has created a notification plan that records employee response and acceptance to the company’s terms and conditions to limit liability on the company.

Ensuring a healthy workforce by protecting your staff, clients, and essential visitors to your establishment is of paramount importance at the moment. Plan4Continuity’s cloud-based business process automation plans can be used to communicate the appropriate processes and policies, reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and report on potential COVID-19 cases.

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