Plan4Continuity Now Offers a Business Process and Business Continuity Software Solution for Dental Clinics

Appointment cancellations and no-shows are hardly surprising as most dental clinics experience this problem one way or another. Yet, as a result, dental clinics are still losing thousands in revenue due to missed appointments and last-minute cancellations. In fact, dental clinics lose $100 or more for every no-show that occurs. These no-shows and last-minute cancellations have a significant impact on the office’s productivity, as well as the workflow and morale. Below we outline how Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool can support your dental practice to eliminate no shows while still improving client retention. 

1.   Why use Plan4Continuity's Dental Scheduling Tool?

2.   What are the benefits of automated appointment scheduling? 

3.   You can expect these key features

4.   There are minimal requirements to use the Tool

Reduce your dental practice’s wasted time with Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool and ease your staff’s workload so they can spend more time with patients and less time on admin. Not only will this improve overall customer satisfaction but also foster customer loyalty. Patients will furthermore be able to manage their own appointments and cancel or reschedule without needing assistance.

1.   Why use Plan4Continuity's Dental Scheduling Tool?    

Plan4Continuity simplifies your ongoing business processes by automating and streamlining appointment communication with current and prospective patients. Offering automated SMS and email reminders, Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool will not only reduce admin and free up more of your time to practice medicine but will also drastically reduce no shows. 

2.   What are the benefits of automated appointment scheduling?     

Some of the benefits of Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool include its ability to:

  • automate patient communication;
  • issue appointment confirmations in your system;
  • orchestrate the entire appointment event from an easy-to-use dashboard;
  • save costs and minimizes downtime;
  • facilitate the scheduling of more appointments with personalized messages; and
  • aid in filling last-minute cancellations.

3.   You can expect these key features

Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool requires no installation and launches directly from your browser. Additionally, it runs on any device and operating system and is accessible from any browser. It offers integrated SMS and email texting services to communicate with patients, generates an internal audit report showing patients responses and includes video tutorials on how to use Plan4Continuity. Finally, it also makes provision for access and contact tracing to pre-screen employees before entering the practice.

4.   Requirements to use the Tool

There are minimal requirements to start using Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool immediately. All you require is a stable internet connection and an internet browser. You need no additional hardware, and the Tool is capable of running on mobile phones, desktops and, in fact, on any operating system with browser-based capability.   

Plan4Continuity is a 100% cloud-based Business Automation and Business Continuity SaaS solution that can be used to automate and streamline any business process. For a dental practice, it can automate important patient communication, reduce missed appointments and improve patient retention. Never miss a call again with Plan4Continuity’s Dental Scheduling Tool!

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