DR plans for natural disaster 

This is not a drill! Automate your response plan for speed of action when a natural disaster strikes.

Preparing for a natural disaster is an essential component of disaster recovery and business continuity planning for every organization. It is vital to address both the short- and long-term damage – from extensive and obvious damage to your building and your IT infrastructure to not-so-obvious damage such as moisture incursion in the walls.

For this reason, it is important to understand what you’re dealing with and to ensure that you follow best practices to address and speedily recover from the consequences.

Real-time early response plan for natural disasters

Disaster scenes are chaotic places. Avoid costly mistakes by streamlining and automating every step.

Automate and streamline

When a natural disaster such as a fire, a flood or an earthquake strikes, speed of action is critical as is focusing on the needs of the organization, its employees and customers. What is the best way to do this? Leverage effective decision making that drives rapid actions by automating your disaster recovery plan.

Prepare and test

Ensuring that you are prepared for a natural disaster will ensure that you are able to respond during the actual event. It is an ongoing security task to simulate your plan, ensure preparedness and mitigate potential damages.

Review your locations

While it may be impossible to move to a safer location, you can take steps to reduce your risks of damage and prevent damage during a natural disaster. Eg, you can prepare a risk analysis based on the base flood elevation and automate your emergency action plan and take appropriate safety measures during a fire or earthquake.

Features & Benefits

  • Create DR plans as live applications in minutes
  • Bi-annual flood readiness check
  • Conduct ongoing program audits
  • Ability to text mobile devices instantly
  • Comply with ISO 22301 BCP standards