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Embed our broadcast and response feature into any plans

Communicate electronically to a large audience and get structured responses

A look at an example a broadcast action embedded into a fire emergency plan.

Fire plan Activation is started

Plan Features

  • Each plan consists of many actions.
  • Each action can have many steps.
  • Every action step timing is recorded.Plans can be API instantiated e.g. Fire sensor.

Types of actions

  • Standard actions with action steps and items.
  • Broadcast actions with no roll call, with roll call or with forms.
  • Broadcast is via email or text/sms with hyperlink embedded.
Fire 1

After determining extent a full broadcast is sent to all in location.


  • A text/SMS is sent to everyone at the location based on Azure Active Directory or uploaded lists.
  • Each person receives a text/sms message with a hyperlink.
  • On clicking the hyperlink a form is displayed for them to say "OK", "Need help" and add a comment.
  • The plan activator sees all the responses and can motivate teams to assist.

Plan activators continue with the fire response actions.


Further Actions

  • Accounting for all the people at the emergency gathering point.
  • Post fire actions to take, document all expenses, contact insurance, put security in place.
  • Obtain management sign off of the emergency event.

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