manage business continuity in different locations

Buidings,offices,branches,divisions etc.



Business continuity planning by location.


Your business may have different branches, regions, buildings, floors, departments ,even home offices and temporary remote sites. We call these entities  "locations". By dividing one's business into locations one can manage business continuity more effectively.


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Important things to consider in the context of business continuity are:

  • How the downtime of a location will affect other locations or assets, people, services and vendors
  • Whether there are proper and well-maintained safety and security systems in place
  • Whether you have suitably qualified people managing the business continuity in these locations
  • Whether vendors are in close proximity to the location

Locations, houses, people and assets are where services are performed and where vendors come, or provide goods, to. Our system keeps a record of your different locations, who is located there and what assets are used there.