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Maximize client trust with a powerful SaaS solution tailored for the legal sector

The challenges facing law firms are increasing, with new technology exposing firms to malicious actors and cybercriminals. Meeting these challenges and threats is the only way to stay competitive. With Plan4Continuity’s cloud-based SaaS solution law firms can now benefit from automated and actionable plans to keep business operational and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Protect your data and do more — from disaster recovery ransomware attacks and IoT integration to HR onboarding and COVID-19 pre-screening.

Case Study

Leading Canadian law firm streamlines and automates employee pre-screening with Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces

Law firms are people-centred at their core with clients, staff and visitors attending law offices daily. This means that COVID-19 pre-screening and reporting are not negotiable, yet are often done manually. To address these challenges, KMB Law implemented the Plan4Continuity COVID-19 Pre-screening Tool and is currently using it at all 3 of its branches to communicate the appropriate processes, reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and report on potential COVID-19 cases.

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Features & Benefits

Automated backup and instant recovery

Real-time data turned into actionable reports

Customized solutions tailored for the legal industry

Automated, real-time communication to all users via email or mobile phones