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IOT - Internet of things

"If you knew the state of every thing and could reason on top of that data - what problems could you solve?" AWS IOT

IOT triggered disaster or preventative measures plans

Build structured plans for any series of activities required in response to an IOT device or IOT analytics trigger.


IOT Sensor is triggered by a smoke detector.

The sensor either triggers a P4C plan directly or communicates to the IOT device manager that then auto-triggers a P4C plan.

The plan can perform any series of actions including:

  • Text and email messages to key staff activating them to respond.
  • A broadcast message to all staff in a location, with the ability record and respond to replies.
  • Any number of actions and action steps required to manage and contain the fire as well as ensure that all staff are safe.

At the end of the plan activation a full report of all actions and outcomes, as well as communications is available for analysis.

IOT Analytics using AI triggers P4C plan

In the case where many devices are feeding information into an analytics database and there are AI analytics running to analyse the data and draw conclusions it is possible for the AI analytics to trigger a P4C plan.

An example would be sensors monitoring equipment in a factory and checking stress levels, overheating or various other issues.

Based on determining various criteria the AI analytics may determine that urgent maintenance is required and trigger a P4 Plan for remediation.

The activated plan can then alert all responsible staff and manage the entire process of remediation, with a final sign off at the end of the remediation project.


P4C and AWS IOT 

Execution of plans based on IOT data from the edge and from the analytics engine.


Get the most out of your IOT infra-structure


Get started quickly

For organisations implementing IOT technology in their factories, gas utilities, buildings, commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural premises there is an immense amount of data being gathered.

The ability to process this data and to take effective action upon conclusions drawn from the  data is critical. These early warning signals, acted upon could save lives and money.

Once this conclusions have been made it is essential to manage the required processes through their entire lifecycle.

With Plan4Contnuity, these early warnings or emergencies can trigger a fully planned and auditable response.

Simple and easy to use

You can very easily build your IOT executed bespoke plans.

Plans can be run in simulation mode for practice and refinement, changes can be made to your base plans to suit your environment.

Plans can be executed via an API call from the IOT Device, the localised IOT device manager, from the IOT Analytics database or by activating them manually.

After every plan execution, you have access to a full, detailed, comprehensive plan execution report.


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