Internet of Things (IoT) integration

Automate and execute plans based on IOT data from the edge and the analytics engine

IoT initiatives often end in failure because they’re missing integration with business workflows and processes. Start automated actions and workflows based on IoT events such as checking welds on pipelines, reviewing electronic doors and service elevators, tightening conveyor belts and servicing air conditioners. Plan4Continuity’s IoT integration capability with all its plans sends notifications when a departure from regulated parameters occurs. Workflows can include data orchestration, business process automation, machine-readable knowledge bases, and more.

End-to-end IoT business solutions

Plan4Continuity combines automation and IoT to make processes more intelligent.

Integrate Data

IoT data needs to be analyzed and responded to, often in real-time. Easily automate and integrate data with applications, cloud services and systems.

process automation

Process automation entails coordinating multiple activities or tasks to support a business objective. The components of such a process include people, things, enterprise applications, and business partners.

Improved business insights

Connected equipment in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and many others creates more data streams and analytics potential. This allows companies to gain much greater insights into their business operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Simulations and live events
  • External Activation/Full communications 
  • Integrate into other AWS services
  • Full audit records of all executions, timings, conversations.
  • Optimized logistics and supply chain