Business continuity planning can be easy and affordable

Plan4Continuity software allows you to plan, build, schedule, simulate, implement and audit your business continuity in an easy-to-use, affordable and logical way.

Manage your business continuity on all platforms and devices

Manage live incidents even on mobile devices


Business Continuity Plans


With Plan4Continuity, your business continuity plan is no longer a document gathering dust in a drawer but a live system
that contains plans, simulation schedules and audit logs of all activations as well as being a full management system of your 
business continuity activities and communications.

The five most important elements of continuity planning are people, assets, services, locations and vendors or suppliers. 
They all affect each other and together make up the cornerstone of the business continuity ecosystem.

Plan4Continuity brings these elements together in your business continuity plans.

Buidings,offices,branches,divisions etc.



Business continuity planning by location.


Your business may have different branches, regions, buildings, floors, departments ,even home offices and temporary remote sites. We call these entities  "locations". By dividing one's business into locations one can manage business continuity more effectively.


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People are a business’s vital asset


People control and use assets, perform services and deal with vendors. They also make decisions, pay wages and liaise with clients. People, from plan managers to action owners, need to be involved in your continuity planning. 


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Without services no business can function


 Electricity, internet connectivity, IT support , telephony are your services, be they internal or external. Without these nothing would happen in a company. Disruptive event management  needs to cater for alternative scenarios when these services are disrupted.


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Vendors need to be active participants


Vendors and suppliers of services are critical to the ongoing function of a business. They need to be active participants in your business continuity planning and form a vital link in the supply and disaster recovery chain.


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 A business needs assets to provide services


Knowing the assets that are critical to business operations is an important part of business continuity. Assets should therefore be included in business continuity plans, which can be simple service schedules or plans for when these assets’ services become disrupted.


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Cloud technology

State-of-the art technology ensures encrypted data protection, redundancy and 24/7 availability even on remote devices.



Works on multiple devices

Works on multiple devices and platforms, allowing one to work remotely.
Software installation is not required.



Pricing options are available from small business to enterprise level, and include many free features.


Simple to use

Intelligently designed and easy to use,
with no hardware infrastructure needed
for setting up.


Fast communication

Built as a reactive system that responds in a timely manner and is resilient, elastic and message driven.




Built on ISO 22301 standards

Built using the principles of the international IS0 22301 standard for business continuity.



Manage a live disruptive event quickly and efficiently


Plan4Continuity enables you to manage a live disruptive event efficiently across multiple locations and with several teams.

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Business continuity plans can involve multiple threads of parallel actions and action owners.

Plan actions can be managed on mobile devices.

Plans can be altered and new actions created “on the fly” during a live event.

In a disaster or live disruptive event it is crucial to manage the event efficiently and to be up and running again as quickly as possible. Plan4Continuity enables you to:

  • Communicate to all active parties via email, chat, sms and voice messaging
  • Run multiple operations at once
  • Change plans and events as they unfold
  • Review simulations of activations right down to each communication and improve plans based on feedback


Build your Business Continuity plans with minimal effort


Build your plans using the latest innovative cloud technologies and access them from any internet connected device at any time.

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Continuously control and improve your Business Continuity plans


Manage the setup of your disaster recovery plans and regularly simulate schedule and audit plans. Improve, test and meet compliance requrements.

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