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Infrastructure considerations for business  growth strategies


Once a thriving and expanding entity in South Africa, the electricity supplier Eskom(formerly

Escom) is now a faltering and much joked about company.There are many reasons why the

once proud supplier of power is now a mere shadow of what it was in it's heyday. Rolling

blackouts have had a marked influence in economic downturn in the Southern African

regions. . A fast growing population with an increasing dependence on technology had led to

increased power needs which Eskom is struggling to meet. An ominous possibility is a total

power blackout which will have catastrophic consequences. One wonders what their

business growth strategy was .



Adapt or die

A business cannot survive without forward planning and investment in infrastructure. Market

trends and technologies change and ones business may be left struggling in the dark ages

while ones competitors grow. A business cannot afford not to have a business growth

strategy and an essential part of that strategy would be infrastructure.Find a few

considerations in this regard


Technological change

The introduction and adoption of new technology means that infrastructure often has to be

replaced, upgraded or changed. When Windows XP's life was ended last year millions of

servers and workstations now became vulnerable to malware as Microsoft no longer

supported it. Tens of millions of servers have had to be replaced in order to be able to work

on Windows 7 and later OS versions. It makes sense to upgrade ones infrastructure ahead

of time to minimize change-trauma, and costs.


System efficiency

Often ones infrastructure becomes a bottleneck and impacts efficiency . There is nothing

worse than waiting for ones CRM to update or an email to arrive. An often missed threat in a

business is lack of efficiency or downtime which leads to productivity losses and eventually

financial losses. One may need to upgrade ones infrastructure to improve efficiency,


Increasing staff

Part of the business growth strategy would be to hire more staff. Flogging the proverbial

donkey too much is a productivity killer that can become a business killer. If one needs more

staff then one should employ more staff as part of the infrastructure expansion.


Newer products,services and growth in sales.

When newer products and services are offered one has to employ new staff to handle the

changes. A growing staff also means upgrading infrastructure and staff to handle

infrastructure expansion. Imagine a Black Friday sale without increased staff. That is surely

asking for disaster.One will also need to get new equipment and computers.


Business continuity

Infrastructure is a vital part of business continuity and business continuity is a vital part of

infrastructure. Business continuity plans are there to keep infrastructure protected and in the

event of a disruption , to keep it going. Investment in a business continuity system that is

scalable and that does not require significant infrastructure investment.


Expand wisely

Always do research and determine in infrastructure development is needed. One can adapt

one's infrastructure and still grown without significant costs when possible Do proper

ROI(return on investment) and market research. Use ones resources wisely. Trim off the

fat.Make small significant changes.


Lastly every business owner should be looking to grow ones business and exploring ways to

introduce new services, and income streams. Investment in infrastructure is an essential part

of a business growth strategy. By keeping the above in mind one can have a solid business

growth strategy.


Image credit:Pixabay-Quartzla