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Build your own plans

Whatever your use case, you can build a plan.

Build plans for disasters as well as any scheduled activities.


Get started quickly

We provide a number of free plans you can use as the base for building any plans you wish, you can obviously also start from a blank canvas.

Some of our free plans include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Facilities Power / Electricity outage Management
  • Natural Disaster Preparation - bi-annual flood readiness check.
  • Emergency Action Plan - EAP - FIRE Evacuation
  • Security - Active Shooter Preparation - Quarterly Review

We also have paid subscriptions for Cyber Security Incident Management and IT Systems Disaster Recovery.

In reality, you can build any plan you wish using our service to manage specialised processes in your organisation.

There is very little setup to do before you can build your 1st plan:

  • Add all your system users.
  • Add the locations for which you wish to plan - locations can be physical buildings, departments, business units, companies in your group, however you define them.
  • Copy a plan in or start from scratch and build a plan.
  • Activate it in simulation mode to test all your outcomes.
  • Set how it gets activated, either manually or via an API call.
  • Start building robust, controlled, managed processes into your organisation.

Simple and easy to use

You can use and execute the plans immediately upon subscription.

The plan pack can be run in simulation mode for practice and refinement, changes can be made to our base plans to suit your environment.

Plans can be executed via an API call or by activating them manually.

Each cyber incident plan has been comprising the pack can be executed individually or from the master plan itself.

After every plan execution, you have access to a full, detailed, comprehensive plan execution report.


Further benefits


Securely manage planned activities

Scheduled tasks, disasters of any nature, build and rehearse your response plans to deal with any activity.


Broadcast & Response

Build in broadcast features to communicate to all users via text/ sms or email messages, get form based responses as part of your plan execution actions.


Plan action users

Nominate a plan manager and a different action owner for each action. This enables truly distributed task allocation enabling experts to work on sections of the plan that are relevant to them.


Obtain Sign off 

All plans can be set to require senior executive sign off after execution, be it a simulation or a live event.


Multiple business units

Any plan you build can be  used and tailored across multiple business units or locations.

Want to find out more?

Contact us for a demonstration of our full service with a focus on building your own plans.