About plan4continuity

We help you to Save your Company when disaster strikes.
Our aim is to provide you with the tools giving you the ability to plan your company’s business continuity in the face of adversity..

Plan4Continuity provides cloud based business continuity planning and disruptive event management software.
Plan4Continuity is hosted in the Amazon cloud and is internationally available for clear, concise, simple business continuity planning.


Meet our leaders 

Tai Chesselet CEO

Tai is the co-founder and Joint CEO of IronTree*, the conceptualiser, co-founder and Joint CEO of Sage Online Tools** and the driving force for the development and creation of Plan4Continuity.
A seasoned innovator and Internet business creator, Tai enjoys working with software developers in creating businesses using cloud technology. Tai particularly enjoys building new businesses and the challenges this presents both in terms of technology usage and the formulating of clear business objectives and models.
When not working he is delighted to be able to spend time hiking, swimming, surfing, doing yoga, listening to music and reading.



David Lees CFO and CMO

David is the co-founder and Joint CEO of IronTree, the co-founder and Joint CEO of Sage Online Tools and a solid and experienced financial and marketing executive.
David graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a degree in accounting and finance and has worked in the IT and Internet industry since graduation.
David is the rock upon which the businesses rely for management, control and stability, as well as being able to have clear insights into software development processes and how to market recurring revenue services into small and medium businesses.
David enjoys mountain biking, music and spending time with his family.



 * Irontree is one of South Africa's biggest providers of business continuity services, offering cloud based backup as well as end point protection and network management software to businesses throughout Africa.

** Sage Online Tools is a joint venture between Sage Pastel AAMEA and Tai and David. It provides comprehensive online marketing and e-commerce technology to the customers of Sage Pastel AAMEA.

Sage is a listed FTSE 100 company.

You can find IronTree on http://www.irontree.co.za and Sage Online Tools on http://www.sageonlinetools.co.za