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About us

Our story

Plan4Continuity has been built by long term SAAS experts in data backup, disaster recovery and cyber-security.

Where we are

A distributed global team with our base out of Toronto, Canada. We are building serious planning software that enables the management and ongoing execution of all kinds of plans, from cyber security incidents to natural disasters and more. 

Our prize winning software enables your organisation to deal with both disastrous events and ongoing scheduled tasks in a planned, rehearsed and prepared manner.

Why we are

We are building a direct and channel based community of clients who utilise our software to ensure the ongoing efficiency of the most critical services in their organisations.

With over 200 clients we have proved our product market fit and are geared for future growth.

We would love to talk with your team, contact us.

Our Products


Cyber Security


Disaster Recovery




Broadcast & Response




Natural Disasters & other