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Plan, Simulate, Activate, Record, Improve

Cyber Security Incidents - BCDRaaS - Broadcast and Response - Pandemic Management - IOT Integration - Natural Disasters - Any other scenario

Build the plans you need to respond to business risks. 

  • Be prepared for any series of events.
  • Plans are dynamic, executable plans that record all activity during execution.
  • Use and adapt our pre-written plans or build your own tailored plans.
  • Execute your plans in simulation mode to ensure ongoing readiness.
  • Have a record of all events with timestamps, comments and chat.
  • Broadcast to all staff and record responses.
  • Create plans for disastrous events as well as scheduled procedures.


Tailored to each client

Build your own executable plans to enable you to manage, simulate and execute responses to all types of incidents.


Reduce your risks

Never go blindly into a situation, plan and execute a response with a well thought through incident plan.


Work remotely

Our cloud-based solution enables your teams to work together collaboratively across geographic locations.


Quick setup

Use our base plans, both free and subscription based to very quickly set up for many different types of incidents.


Easy to use

Once plans are built, you can execute them remotely or manually, in simulation and live mode.


Access full reports

Each plan activation provides you with a full report of all actions, their timings, who was involved, all comments, files uploaded and responses to broadcasts.

See things in action

Click below to watch our introductory video.

Some of our use cases

Cyber Security Incident*

A set of 12 plans based on the NIST / ISO27001 / SANS frameworks for a comprehensive response to a Cyber Security Incident.

Included plans on Cyber security incident management plan which can execute:

  • Denial of Service plan
  • Improper usage plan
  • Malware outbreak plan
  • Phishing plan
  • Priviledge escalation plan
  • Ransomware attack plan
  • Root access plan
  • Unauthorised access plan
  • Virus outbreak plan
  • Data Privacy - Data Theft plan
  • Data Privacy - Data Loss plan
  • Data Privacy - Unauthorised access plan

* Additional Subscription


Disaster Recovery*

A set of plans, integrated with leading backup and disaster recovery software, to manage business continuity / disaster recovery simulations and live events for IT services recovery. 

Plans included:

  • Simulation of disaster recovery plan
  • Live event disaster recovery plan
  • Revert to original environment plan
  • Server identification integration to Veeam, Data, Cohesity, Acronis, Redstor.

* Additional Subscription


IOT - Internet of things

You have your devices, secure, communicating, sending data to your IOT data lake. Build plans to auto-execute based on triggers from the devices or on analytics of the IOT device data sent to the data lake.
  • Build any plans that can auto-execute from IOT
  • Immediate notification of people and execution of plans.
  • Reduce risks manage controlled execution of IOT device activated plans.

Broadcast & Response

Send direct communications to staff at locations via Text/SMS or Email. Mass broadcast with content attached to short message. Obtain individual responses and action specific responses.
Useful in:
  • Cyber security attacks - inform staff of attack and give detailed instructions, get feedback on those compromised.
  • Natural disasters - message all staff members and give detailed instructions for gathering points and procedure, get status on each individual.
  • Building evacuations/ Active shooter events - message all staff, find out who needs assistance, get feedback on a live event from witnesses.
  • Pandemic - use our broadcast to message all staff daily and obtain health status, or use for visitors to buildings.


Managing legal and regulatory compliance with pandemics is essential for all organisations. We provide Covid-19 plans covering the following:
  • Communications to all staff - broadcast via SMS Text or email, with recorded responses.
  • Back to work employee compliance - daily automated plans to record employee health status and alert where required.
  • Entry to premises -QR code based entry and recording of health status with alerts where required - full log of all entries on a daily basis.

Natural Disasters & self built plans

Choose from any of our free natural disaster plans, adapt it to suit your requirements for any event.

Build plans from scratch for ongoing or scheduled tasks, auto activate these and ensure they are completed with full sign off.

Perfect for physical infra-structure maintenance and security.


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