Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool successfully deployed and records record growth

As businesses are gradually opening up, and in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, federal and state law and regulations mandate employers to pre-screen employees and essential visitors to the premises before entering.

1.   COVID-19 prescreening tool successfully deployed numerous locations

2.   Partner success story

To support these government-mandated requirements, Plan4Continuity’s Pre-Screening Tool for all Workplaces automates the daily screening process and records vital employee and visitor information such as biographical details, symptoms, potential COVID-19 contact and so forth, before they are allowed to enter the workplace. The Tool can further be used to communicate the proper processes to reduce common touchpoints and report on potential COVID-19 cases.

1.   COVID-19 prescreening tool successfully deployed numerous locations  

Plan4Continuity has seen excellent growth since August 2020 with a growth increase of 800% recorded by end of November. The reopening of business post-COVID-19 has not only seen a further increase in growth but a number of MSPs and channel partners also experienced firsthand the value of Plan4Continuity and the Pre-Screening Tool in solving real business needs. It’s much more than just a DR tool – it’s a solution in the market that streamlines everyday business processes through business process automation and cloud-based business continuity planning.

2.   Partner success story    

One of our MSP partners in Ontario recently took advantage of the opportunity arising from government mandating COVID-19 pre-screening. The President of the MSP states:

“We stopped selling Plan4Continuity as a technology that can do everything to rebranding it as a simple COVID-19 pre-screening tool for all workplaces. Solving that one pain point made it such an easy sell. Our phones haven't stopped ringing; we almost doubled our customer base in two months, our sales champions are booking record 21 sales meetings per week and we haven't even started with upselling any of our existing solutions to these new clients yet. 2021 is going to be an incredible year.”

Ensuring a healthy workforce by protecting your employees, clients, and essential visitors is paramount. Now you can this while simultaneously growing your customer base and streamlining daily business processes.

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