Automated HR Employee Onboarding

Streamline and automate the employee onboarding process to ensure ongoing employee success

The first few days in a new job are critical. Often the spotlight is on the new recruit and the need for such new employee to settle into the company with ease. However, the need to make a good first impression cuts both ways. Companies need to also consider the impression that they are making on their new employee as well as the support they are providing. Plan4Continuity saves HR managers valuable time by streamlining and automating the employee onboarding process and so ensure their ongoing success in the role.

Centralize and simplify

A winning approach to employee onboarding with cloud-based Automated
HR employee onboarding. No more paper-based onboarding plans.

Automated employee onboarding

Like other business processes, employee onboarding includes data transfer between the HR department and the new hire. The HR onboarding plan includes a plan manager that can oversee the entire process and plan activators who can activate the plan on a new employee’s first day at the company.

plan actions

Plan actions include sending out a broadcast containing the steps required to ensure the new employee is ready to start with your company. All actions will follow logically after the broadcast such as IT procurement and setup, making provision for the first day and the first week of a new hire with your company.

built-in reporting

After completion of all the necessary steps, you can generate a report of the plan activation from the cloud dashboard, accessible from any browser. This report will indicate all the steps taken since onboarding the new employee and outline the general areas of knowledge and skills required to ensure your new employee’s success.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves HR managers valuable time
  • Automated, real-time communication to new employee
  • Improves employee retention 
  • Centralize and simplify cloud-based process
  • Simulation capability and full activation summary report