How Plan4Continuity enables Technology Service Providers and MSPs to open new and recurring revenue streams

We have recently released Plan4Continuity, an innovative business planning automation tool that can help grow your business as a technology service provider (TSP) and potential Plan4Continuity reseller and, ultimately, create a brand new revenue-generating solution.

We have compiled a handy table of contents to help you navigate:

1.   Plan4Continuity - an enterprise quality solution at an SMP price 

2.   What makes Plan4Continuity unique?

3.   How Plan4Continuity creates a new and recurring revenue stream

4.   Cross-selling as and added benefit to this approach

We are continuously improving the Plan4Continuity business process automation software to integrate more seamlessly with existing software and processes while expanding our product offering to include IRM and compliance solutions.

1.   Plan4Continuity - an enterprise-class solution at an SMP price     

The demand for cloud-based solutions such as backup, business continuity and disaster recovery has always been high in the small and medium-sized business/enterprises (SMB/SME) sector. However, those offered with “Enterprise-Class” features, were extremely expensive, which means the SMB had to settle for less feature-rich solutions. We saw this as an opportunity to build an enterprise-class solution for the SMB/SME that focuses on enterprise-class technology at a fraction of the costs. The result? Plan4Continuity – a true enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution at an SMB price.

2.   What makes Plan4Continuity unique?      

As a unique SaaS solution, Plan4Continuity creates cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Automation as a live application in minutes. It creates, simulates, automates, and orchestrates these plans in real-time, provided as a tool for Managed and Technology Solution Providers (MSPs and TSPs) to automate the entire business continuity plan lifecycle.

Additionally, Plan4Continuity has been developed to solve a global problem across all businesses and all verticals. The solution allows you to create ISO 22301 plans which leverages the five most important elements of continuity planning namely, people, assets, services, locations, and vendors as the cornerstone of your business continuity ecosystem.

3.   How Plan4Continuity creates new and recurring revenue streams   

Plan4Continuity is a one-of-a-kind business process automation tool that can open up massive opportunities for IT service providers globally (including MSPs, CSPs, VARs and IT software and hardware providers) no matter the size of their client base in the SMB and SME space. Because Plan4Continuity is a brand-new solution that has never been offered before, IT service providers can take advantage of the opportunity to sell this to their client base as a new and innovative solution that their clients never had before so creating a recurring revenue stream.  This will not only increase sales and profit margins, but recurring revenue can lead to better customer retention and increased business growth.

4.   Cross-selling as and added benefit to this approach   

IT service providers can furthermore lead with Plan4Continuity and offer related or complementary software and services that fit perfectly with this seamless business process automation solution. Integration with third-party products lets Plan4Continuity import information about end-user assets automatically. At present, the application collects data from Cohesity, Datto, and Rubrik solutions. Support for Veeam and Zerto offerings as well is currently in development.

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