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A simple, quick and cost-effective solution to manage and automate COVID-19 screening at restaurants, pubs, hotels and more

Plan4Continuity has added QR code integration as part of its COVID-19 pre-screening tool. This new capability offers various advantages and can be implemented for further use cases such as access and contact tracing for pubs, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues that receive daily visitors. Response, recording and reporting must be rapid, precise and happen in real-time. Digital pre-screening combined with QR code integration are the most efficient way forward for the hospitality industry.

Case Study

Plan4Continuity QR integration: Advantages
and potential use cases

Plan4Continuity developed a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution to manage and automate COVID-19 screening for the hospitality industry. The screening tool includes QR code integration that simplifies the process of screening and capturing your customer data. Set up can be completed in as little as 5 minutes and you’ll never miss a beat or an empty customer seat. It furthermore generates a daily or weekly report of everybody who passed or failed the screening checks which simultaneously ensures compliance with government regulations.

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Features & Benefits

100% compliant with Government regulations

No long-term commitment and low monthly cost

No charge while your restaurant is closed/locked down

Cancel with two weeks’ notice

Automated COVID-19 compliance record keeping