COVID-19 Per-Screening Tool for all Workplaces

Minimize the spread of COVID-19 by automating and streamlining daily fit-for-work screening

There are several benefits to having a daily automated COVID-19 screening workflow that you can set up in minutes to multiple clients. Plan4Continuity’s COVID-19 Pre-Screening Tool for all Workplaces automates and streamlines the daily screening process by recording employees’ temperatures and/or conduct other health screening procedures before they are allowed to enter the workplace. The Tool can further be used to communicate the appropriate processes to reduce common touchpoints and report on potential COVID-19 cases. The recorded responses are condensed into a report that can be generated on demand and can serve as proof of compliance with the mandated screening requirements. This plan can be executed as often as required to inform staff / contractors / visitors what they need to do in order to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus.


Simplifies daily fit-for-work screening

Cloud-based, COVID-19 pre-screening for workforce safety and regulatory compliance.

Daily automated workflow

Your daily automated workflow allows you to add a plan manager that can activate the plan should a COVID-19 exposure or infection occur with full access to the system to add locations and even users. The automated COVID-19 screening workflow can be set up in minutes to multiple clients.

Automated communication

All Plan4Continuity plans include broadcast, roll call and call tree options to enable instant texts to mobile devices or emails to recipients. When a potential COVID-19 exposure event is triggered, all broadcast actions will complete automatically, in the specified order. A text message with the action name plus a link to a page with the description, safety precautions and files will be sent to all selected people.

User-friendly cloud dashboard

The user-friendly cloud platform dashboard breaks down the complete process of setting up your business, adding your people and clients and creating your own plans into a step-by-step process. It also allows you to generate a report of each activation from the dashboard, which is accessible from any browser.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated COVID-19 screening workflow
  • QR code integration
  • Customizable to any jurisdiction
  • Real-time evidence of user responses and measures taken
  • Built-in reporting to management and key stakeholders