Case Study: Leading Canadian law firm streamlines and automates employee pre-screening with Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces

KMB Law is a leading Canadian business law firm employing about 30 lawyers and 60 staff members spread across 3 offices. With a setup such as this, manually screening employees, visitors and clients to the firm quickly became a time- consuming manual task with ample opportunities to miss a person entering the offices. To address this challenge, our Ontario-based channel partner and cloud solutions provider, Stage2Data, introduced the firm’s general manager to Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces to automate and streamline their COVID-19 screening process.

THE CHALLENGE - coordinating manual employee and client pre-screening

Since law firms are client-focused with staff and visitors attending their offices daily, COVID-19 screening and reporting are not optional. However, when done manually it quickly becomes labor-intensive and less efficient. Before the firm was introduced to Plan4Continuity, the manual process entailed a designated individual from human resources overseeing the completion of paper-based forms by all employees and visitors to the firm declaring they showed no physical symptoms of COVID-19. A report was then compiled manually and sent to the HR Manager to keep a record of absentees, who exhibited symptoms, and so on. This soon became an onerous and error-prone task. A further concern was that employees were already at the office when symptoms were detected with the manual pre-screening process which increased the chances of spreading the virus.

THE SOLUTION - Our technology partner, Stage2Data, implements Plan4Continuity's
Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces as part of their Business Continuity Planning-as-a-
Service (BCPaaS) offering

Some results were clear instantly. The Pre-screening Tool immediately shaved off valuable hours from the pre-screening process by automating and streamlining the entire manual pre-screening process. It also took care of compliance with government regulations with an automated daily report. The Plan4Continuity’s COVID-19 Pre-screening Tool is currently used at all 3 branches of the firm to communicate the appropriate processes, reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and report on potential COVID-19 cases. With Plan4Continuity, employees and clients can complete the pre-screening questions at home instead of queuing at the office to be manually screened. If any symptoms are present, employees can simply stay at home and get tested and so avoid spreading the virus. The same approach is followed with clients where appointments are rescheduled in the event of any symptoms being recorded. Additionally, litigation or collections services can complete pre-screening in minutes from their mobile devices before entering the building.

RESULTS - a daily automated COVID-19 screening workflow that can be set up in minutes

Having a daily automated COVID-19 screening workflow that can be set up in minutes to multiple locations yielded several benefits. Some of these benefits include companies being able to automate communication to all their employees and stakeholders, either via email or mobile phones. They further benefit from real-time broadcast and roll call management that keep all parties updated while the built-in daily report generates documented compliance with government screening requirements.

As we all realize by now, it is of paramount importance to reduce exposure to and transmission of COVID-19. For this reason, daily fit-for-work screening is not only required but government mandated. To simplify this process while remaining compliant with government regulations, we added a simple browser-based messaging and data collection tool with built-in workflow automation to our SaaS offering. We have rolled out this Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces powered by Plan4Continuity at the offices of KMB Law to automate their, at the time, manual screening process. The Tool now enables the firm to set up automated messages to their employees every morning before work, collect the necessary data, and so manage their health concerns. The safety benefits of this tool combined with the time it saves organizations make it absolutely indispensable”
– Jon Darling, Senior Account Manager, Stage2Data

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